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  • miss-taohua:


    "I found a hat with mistletoe attached! AWWWW YISS."

    "I was wondering where that went."

    "And what, praytell, do you plan to do with that, my lady?"

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  • Don’t stop until you’re satisfied. You want an explanation? Ask. You want to be successful? Work. Don’t settle for results you don’t want. Don’t stop until you’re satisfied.

     - (the best advice a teacher has ever given me)
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  • crutch // defleo-nobis

    In times of great deliberation, Cao Cao often turned to his advisers, as that was their purpose within his employ. But in such a strange situation where he could neither discuss nor cope with the situation as he would have traditionally, he could only turn towards one whose trust superseded his current success and paranoia.

    With heavy footsteps did he wander the halls he knew so well, head low, mind anywhere but where it should have been. In time, he found himself before a set of heavy doors in which a particularly bitter woman remained behind. She was one of his greatest mistakes, that he knew and regretted. Cao Cao had wronged her far too many times—far more than he would like to admit. Indeed, her misery was not something he was proud of.

    Still, she found her way back to him despite his mistakes, and each and every time Mengde found himself more surprised than the last. She was still around despite everything, and that meant more than she would ever likely know.

    The fact of the matter was that he couldn’t do this without her—not in his own mind, at least. He couldn’t stomach possibly drawing his first wife’s ire. Her words echoed within his mind frequently, and now more than ever he found himself terrified of proving her theory correct. The last thing he desired was to make his daughter unhappy, let alone add her to collection of pretty things, as lady Ding called certain ambitions. He only wished for her happiness, but that was something he was uncertain how to deliver as things currently stood.

    Alas, with a gentle movement of the door to notify lady Ding of his presence, Cao Cao stepped beyond the threshold and allowed the door to close with a heavy thump behind him. If Ding had yet to hear of the situation surrounding the conversation he had with Guo Jia as the rest of Wei had, then she was about to hear of it.

    "If I may be so bold as to request your attention, my lady, I would ask for it now."

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  • The Request


    With the way that Cao Cao was speaking, Guo Jia only became more paranoid and fearful. The thought of not being able to accomplish this was bad enough, but to possibly invoke Cao Cao’s rage? That was on an entirely different spectrum of bad.

    "Well as you know, me and your daughter have known each other for quite some time and..” The strategist struggled to get the words out. This man, Guo Jia, could stare death in the face, but to stare his lord in the face, and ask such a question? It was almost impossible.


    ”..I will be honest with you my lord. I should have come to you right from the beginning, when this all started, but I didn’t. However I am here now, and..what I am going to ask of you, I ask you not to take offense, please." Guo Jia would clear his throat once more.”..I wish to have your daughters hand in marriage~?….”

    The silence that lingered was just as sharp as any knife. The warmth of the gardens suddenly seemed to turn to ice, and the friendly wave of camaraderie Cao Cao often showed to Guo Jia vanished within the blink of an eye. His footsteps stopped and his posture became rigid, and all of a sudden, everything seemed to make sense within the ruler’s mind.

    While Cao Cao’s back was to the strategist he trusted so dearly, the expression that stretched across his face was unknown to him. It was one of pain and displeasure, as if something overwhelmingly sour had become lodged behind his gums in the back of his mouth. What other reason would Guo Jia have had to become so close to his lord when his eye had kept his eye on the very thing Cao Cao held most dear? But to actively know that he was disguising his own motives and had the gall to ask for forgiveness… There was far too much Mengde to analyze to give a definite answer.

    With his arms folded neatly behind his back, the patriarch grit his teeth as he stood like a statue, eyes cast forward into nothingness.

    Leave me.”

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  • The Request



    The strategist would stand before Cao Cao hesitating slightly on his next words. “You certainly know how to make someone feel good about themselves my lord, but..” Jia would clear his throat, as he now leaned forward.

    "What I have to ask, has to do with your daughter..

    "What of my daughter?" He asked, the counter-inquiry almost skeptical, though he turned his gaze elsewhere and lead the strategist through the flowering gardens.

    "I have very few things in which I hold dear, Guo Jia, and even fewer are the people that know of them. My daughter is one of them." He paused to look back over his shoulder, words flowing easily from his mouth as he continued comfortably. "This much I’m certain you are aware, however. One of few."

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  • The Request



    "Lord Cao Cao?.." Said Guo Jia. "..Are you busy? I have something to ask of you."

    "Of course, Guo Jia."

    "Even if I found myself preoccupied, it would be a mistake ob my behalf to turn away one of China’s most brilliant strategists." Cao Cao nodded before folding his hands behind his back, posture stretching into something more stately. "Come—tell me, what is on your mind?"

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  • men go to battle, women wage war.